EKRAN 2004

Short report

The EKRAN programme, started in April 2004 came to a successful end in November 2004. Here come some statistics.

4 sessions: 40 days of training filled with group and individual script analysis, rehearsals, storyboard drawing, shooting, editing, workshops with actors, screenings and discussions.
30 participants from Poland, Germany, Norway and Switzerland (10 directors, 7 scriptwriters, 6 producers, 6 directors of photography) working with: 48 actors, 8 cameramen, 5 editors, 4 sound engineers, 2 make-upists, 2 prop masters, casting advisor, location researcher, electricians etc…
21 tutors (film professionals: directors, script writers and script editors, editors, producers, directors of photography) from Poland, Denmark, UK, Germany, Russia.

EKRAN is addressed to teams of film professionals (directors as team leaders have to present a credit of at least one film produced) and aims at creating the best quality film projects by putting stress not only on script development but also on developing the visualization strategy for the project (it’s tone, style, actors). EKRAN puts stress to a pre-production phase – it should be used to the fullest by strengthening the role of a team work as a film is indeed a common effort.
The ideology of EKRAN is simple: “from script to screen, as soon as possible”, even before the script is ready. Only on the set the creative team is able to check which elements of script work and which need to be removed or transformed. Therefore each of the participating teams had the opportunity of shooting two scenes from their script.

These are ten projects developed during EKRAN programme:

  • “Real” by Dirk Schaeffer and Martin Rosefeldt,┬á Germany
  • “Bunker 5” by Harry Floeter and Eleni Ampelakiotou, Germany
  • “Tymek” by Eistein Abildsnes and Jakub Smolarski, Norway
  • “Chase” by Barbara Kulcsar and Marianne Freidig, Switzerland
  • “Adrianne’s Journey” by Mona J. Hoel, Norway
  • “Honeymoon” by Birthe Templin and Eric Lance,┬á Germany
  • “The Blue Room” by Anne Wild, Germany
  • “Out of Bounds” by Fulvio Bernasconi and Lara Fremder, Switzerland
  • “It’s Me Now!” by Anna Jadowska, Poland (in production)
  • “The Father’s Day” by Dariusz Gajewski and Wojtek Lepianka, Poland

We hope to see all these projects in cinemas across Europe.


I SESSION (17-22 April)

The first session was devoted to analysis of scripts and treatments of the teams participating in EKRAN and also to presentation of EKRAN’s tutors credits and inspirations, and thus to set the visual and stylistic mode for the programme. It was attended by directors and scriptwriters.

Modules and tutors:

Script analysis: Andrzej Wajda, Wojciech Marczewski
Lecturers: Andrzej Wajda, Wojciech Marczewski, Alexander Sokurov, Volker Schloendorff
Screenings: The Promised Land” by Andrzej Wajda, “The Lost Honor of Katharina Blum” and “The Ogre” by Volker Schloendorff, “Mother and Son” and “Elegies” by Alexander Sokurov, “Conversation” by F.F. Coppola

II SESSION ( 19 – 30 June 2004)

The second session (attended by directors, script writers and producers) started from the continuation of the script and treatment analysis (second drafts). It was followed by the analysis of the scenes which the participants were to write in between the sessions and by shooting and editing of these scenes. Each scene was shot in a different location (two scenes shot daily) Each team co-worked with hired English-speaking professionals: two actors, director of photography, sound engineer, prop man, make-up, line producer and finally, editor.

Modules and tutors:

Script analysis: Andrzej Wajda, Wojciech Marczewski, Agnieszka Holland
Scenes analysis: Andrzej Wajda, Wojciech Marczewski, Agnieszka Holland
Directing supervision during shooting: Wojciech Marczewski
Photography supervision during shooting: Wit D─ůbal
Editing supervision: Milenia Fiedler
Storyboard: Mateusz Rakowicz
Casting: Zbyszek Gruz
Individual script consultancy: Stanisław Różewicz, Krzysztof Zanussi
Screenings: “Shivers” by Wojciech Marczewski

(4-13 September 2004)

The third session continued with script/treatments analysis but was first of all devoted to work with actors. The only participants were directors. They had to choose one out of three proposed scenes from Harold Pinter’s play “The Lover”. Each had a whole day to direct this scene with two actors. Their work was recorded on so called “tape of truth”, which, viewed later, was a tool for analysis the director’s behavior and style of work with the actors.

Tutors and modules:

Script analysis: Andrzej Wajda, Wojciech Marczewski, Ernest Bryll
Work with actors: Zbigniew Brzoza, Wojciech Marczewski
Lecturers: Andrzej Wajda, Milenia Fiedler, Maciej Karpiński
Storyboard: Mateusz Rakowicz
Editing supervision: Milenia Fiedler
Storyboard: Mateusz Rakowicz

IV WORKSHOP (13-14 November 2004)

The beginning of the session was devoted to the analysis of next drafts of scripts, treatments and the scenes to be shot (written by the participants especially for this purpose). This time the teams came in full: directors, script writers, producers and directors of photography. They were allowed to bring their own language-speaking actors to play in their scenes to be then used as a kind of demo for producers (i.e. Angela Winkler, actress known for her roles in Volker Schloendorff’s films, played in a scene directed by Dirk Schaeffer). The shooting was organized in a similar way to the second session, but three teams were given the opportunity to shoot on a film (thanks to Kodak, Panavision and Synchrolab) and could use the professional equipment for shooting and editing.
Apart from shooting session, the participants profited from the meetings with: Marilyn Milgrom, script editor from The Script Factory, London, Mogen Rukov, script writer from Denmark (“Festen”) and Ralph Schwingel, German producer (“Head On”, winner of Berlinale and EFA 2004). The participants could also join a workshop with Slawomir Idziak, world famous director of photography (“Black Hawk Dawn”, “King Arthur”).

Modules and tutors:

Script analysis: Wojciech Marczewski, Mogens Rukov, Marilyn Milgrom, Ralph Schwingel
Scene analysis: Wojciech Marczewski, Edward ┼╗ebrowski, Ralph Schwingel
Individual script consultancy: Marilyn Milgrom, Volker Schloendorff
Directing workshop: Sławomir Idziak
Directing supervision during shooting: Wojciech Marczewski
Editing supervision: Milenia Fiedler
Screening: “Double Life of Veronique” by Krzysztof Kie┼Ťlowski, shorts by Fatih Akin (“Head On”)
Lecturers: Mogens Rukov